Sterling Silver Ear Rings

Welcome to Redhead Arts

I came up with the idea of creating fractal jewellery by accident. It occurred to me that my large wall works would lend themselves well to being shrunk down and worn as a piece of jewellery. I created a few pieces for my own personal use but after receiving many compliments about them and enquiries as to where they came from, it seemed a logical step to venture into production and launched my jewellery range as the Redhead Arts brand in 2013.

Each piece is hand made in my home workshop by myself ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.

For more information about what fractal art is and for more information about where to see my larger works, please visit my main website at


A selection of Redhead Arts jewellery

My fractal art jewellery starts off as a normal fractal artwork using my personal method of creation. The art is then resized to suit the particular piece of jewellery for which it is intended. This is then backed with various types of metal leaf ranging from gold to silver, palladium or aluminium and set behind glass or acrylic resin. An example of acrylic jewellery

My range of jewellery includes pendant necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, ear-rings and ear studs. There are currently three different variations of jewellery in my range. My hallmarked sterling silver range has my fractal artwork set behind glass in a silver setting, with my acrylic resin pieces set in acrylic resin on shaped metal back plates of copper or aluminium.

An example of glass jewellery in an antique copper setting

I also have a budget-concious range which has my art set behind glass in silver-plated or antique copper-plated settings.

Pendants are available with a range of neck cords including leather thong, vegan-friendly faux-leather twisted thong and sterling silver snake chain. Ear rings are hung on sterling silver ear wires but hypo-allergenic surgical steel hangers are available on request.

I hand craft each piece of jewellery and each can be regarded as a portable art work as well as a unique and beautiful piece of jewellery. No two pieces are ever completely the same.acrylic jewellery in a presentation box My sterling silver and acrylic pieces are all individually named and come in a presentation box.

Any plated metals used in my jewellery are nickel and lead free.

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About Me

Putnam Coat of Arms, painted by Vienna Forrester
Putnam coat of arms

Born and raised in Hull, East Yorkshire, I have been painting since I was old enough to hold a brush. This was just a hobby until I left school and trained as an Heraldic Artist. I have produced heraldic wall-plaques, paintings, shields and family coats of arms. I have also produced artwork for the Armed Forces, members of the nobility and government departments from as far afield as Borneo and New Zealand. Examples of my work can be seen in company boardrooms, Naval Museums and Hotels in Europe, the USA, UK and the Far East. You can find more information about heraldry and my heraldic works at Heritage Heraldry. I hold an OPSI licence which allows me to legally reproduce crown-copyright designs.

Through the Olive Groves painted by Vienna Forrester
Through the Olive Groves

I diversified into portraiture, illustration, cartoon caricature and nature painting in oil, acrylic, pastel and ink. Then in 2004 I discovered fractal art and have been developing my techniques ever since, culminating in my first solo exhibition in 2013.

More information about my fractal work can be found at my main site.

Reclining Cheetah, painted by Vienna Forrester
Reclining Cheetah

Just in case you were wondering, the work on the front page of this site is a piece from my first solo fractal art exhibition which was based on Orkney and Shetland and is entitled, 'A Memory of Birds'.